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Review by J. Hanten

21 April 2022
I had gutters that were falling off the side of my house, on the front of my garage and on the left side of the property looking at the house. They reattached them to the home so that they would actually function properly. They did it in a very quick manner that was to my satisfaction. I was very happy with their work. I didn't feel like they were pressuring me to get extra work done. They were very good and they came out earlier than the scheduled appointment because they had an opening, so I was very excited about that as well.

Review by J. Shay

21 April 2022
"Nice folks. Came when they said they would for the estimate. Came when they said they would to do the repair. I am very satisfied.

Review by R. Erickson

21 April 2022
They arrive as promissed after a confirmation call the day before. They walk the roof line using yard blowers to clean out the gutters and also blow out debris in the downspouts. The cost for just cleaning the gutters is very reasonable ($100-150) but I also wanted clip on screens to keep the leaves out. They tried to discourage me on this choice as they said they will come loose and blow off....they were right. I wouldn't recommend these type of gutter guards. They did recommend a metal cover at considerably higher cost, which I didn't go for, so I can't speak for that product. Because of the reasonable cost to clean the gutters and the good job they do, I'm just going to opt to have the gutters cleaned twice a year and not use gutter screens.

Review by L. Bjorkholm

21 April 2022
Crew did an excellent job and left the worksite in good order. They were very careful NOT to blow debris into the pool without being asked or reminded. They also took care not to damage any of the slate tiles on the roof. Company also performed a complimentary gutter and roof inspection and provided an estimate for minor repairs (which we chose not to do at that point). Overall, I think they did an excellent job and would use them again in the future.

Review by L. Hastings

21 April 2022
It went great. They did a wonderful job. They even found a roofing problem that they were able to fix for us. We were very pleased with them.

Review by S. Vashi

21 April 2022
Everything as promised. Very happy. Will use them again.

Review by M. Wathen

21 April 2022
Appointment was set up and initial estimate provided by phone. Representative was very professional & courteous. Crew arrived on time and completed the work very quickly & efficiently. Crew was also very professional & courteous. Bill was exactly as estimated. We're very satisfied.

Review by L. Kelly

21 April 2022
"I am very pleased with the work they did. The guys who came out were very nice and really went the extra mile when blowing off the driveway and deck. The only issue I had was with the skylight cleaning. It is $20 extra per skylight for cleaning. I didn't notice any difference when they were finished. I'm not saying they didn't clean them, but I wish I had been told before hand that skylights often don't come clean because the dirt is baked on and will not come off. I called the office to discuss this and the owner was very polite about it and we agreed that I would only pay for one skylight since the work was performed, but it was not explained to me in advance that skylights don't always come out very clean. I am still very happy with the work performed and will use this company in the future, but will forgo the skylight cleaning.
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