How Much Does Gutter Cleaning Cost?

The cost of gutter cleaning is dependent on several factors, such as the size of a property and the services being performed. While some gutter cleaners companies choose to charge by the hour or even the dirtiness of your house, it’s best to find a company that keeps pricing simple. Exact quotes and easy-to-understand invoices prevent unexpected charges and ensure you get what you paid for.

Atlanta’s Best Gutter Cleaners is the home cleaning solution for you. We base our prices on easy-to-understand square footage rates, and we’ll provide you with an itemized bill so you know exactly where your money is going. Since our gutter cleaning prices aren’t related to time, our technicians will work on your home or commercial building until it’s perfect and it will cost the same.

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    Gutter Cleaning Cost FAQ’s

    Frequently asked questions about gutter cleaning costs

    At Atlanta’s Best Gutter Cleaners, our prices are based on square footage and the service(s) being performed. We use satellite technology to measure your house, driveway, deck, or any outdoor surface.

    Unlike other companies that give you varying price ranges, our staff can provide firm quotes on cleaning right over the phone or by filling out our QUOTE REQUEST FORM. In just minutes, you’ll receive a quote designed specifically to the nature of your home, and more affordable than any other fully insured company in Atlanta. Call our office at 770-677-6690 and get your free no-hassle quote right now!

    During most parts of the year, we try to provide discounts to customers in order to remain competitive with other companies and to provide customers incentives for using us, especially if they are 1st time customers. It is random as to when we have these discounts, mostly dependent on the amount of work we have scheduled. Whenever a coupon is active, you can see it on our COUPONS page. We don’t typically raise prices, or at least as of December of 2007, we have never raised someone’s price arbitrarily. Often, a customer will receive a discount for using us the first time, and when they come back to us, they have forgotten what their regular price is and only remember the discount. Our regular price is a competitive price that is checked against other fully insured professional companies that are in our field, and the discount is an incentive for trying us. Our hope is that everyone will keep using us for the future at that regular price, which is the guaranteed lowest price of any fully insured company.

    There are many numerous factors involved. The primary factor, above and beyond all others, is the danger involved in the repair and the subsequent insurance. Our services are fully insured, meaning that the crews we use are professional and legal employees. Many other companies advertise themselves as insured when they hire day-laborers to perform most of their work. They don’t have to insure the laborers, so they save money, and past the savings onto you, or at least till someone gets hurt on your property and you have to face deductibles on your homeowner’s insurance policy.

    The majority of all the work we do is particularly dangerous since it is performed from the roof. Tree pruning from a company like ours would cost more than pruning trees or bushes around your home, being that your landscaper is not in danger if falling to the ground. Most of the repairs we do cost the same or up-to 30% less than the same repairs from a major, professional, insured company. In many cases, our single repairs to your shingles, ventboots, ridgecaps, flashing, or our tree pruning service is less than the minimum service fees of other companies to perform the same work. Insured and professional roofing and tree pruning companies have minimum fees between $125-$250 to come to your home and perform any type of service, whether it is cutting one limb or changing one shingle. We call companies on a regular basis and obtain quotes to know what our competitor’s average is. Likewise, a certain percentage of the cost is based on the high cost of insurance for doing such dangerous work, and the fact that it is dangerous work.

    “Lo barato sale caro.” It’s a Spanish proverb that means “The cheap comes out expensive.” The essence of the phrase is that by cutting corners, instead of saving money, it ends up costing you money in the long run. Every repair we do, we charge less than another fully insured competitor of the same size and professional stature. The thing about our industry is most gutter cleaners are not professional companies. Most of them don’t have offices with customer service staff, insurance for their employees, or even an business license. When a “company” doesn’t have the cost of a professional company as we do, they can charge less for the same type of work. One cannot expect our certified and seasoned professionals to match the prices of someone who posts an ad on Craigslist offering the same work at half the price. Handymen and smaller organizations will always be able to beat our prices.

    But the cheap does come out expensive. Even the word “cheap” doesn’t mean lower price, but actually means “of lesser quality”. With our service, you get a 3-year guarantee on all repairs. With a random handyman, you never know if they’ll even be around or available if there is an issue in the future. Our prices are fair for the quality of the professional work and the guarantee that comes along with it. In using a company like us, you are also assured that we’ll never sell you on repairs you do not need, or not tell you about repairs that you do need in the hopes you’ll need even more repairs in the future. A professional company, like us, will put your needs first above all. Know that we won’t always be the lowest price, but we’ll never be the highest. If you ask an of our 21,000+ customers who has had our service, they’ll tell you it’s worth it.

    This is a question that doesn’t come up often, but sometimes does, especially with repairs, which because of the expertise involved, length of warranty, and high cost of insurance (especially with any roof repairs), prices can sometimes seem high. They aren’t, but people have their own way of determining what repairs should cost, usually only thinking that our only cost is labor and materials, and not considering all the other costs involved in running a professional company. Every service that is done we must pay insurance on that service, and especially for things like roof repairs, which can possibly leak of not done property, the insurance is extremely high. Also, we give a warranty for our repairs, just like the protection plan you get at Bestbuy for your computer or TV. Then there are a multitude of other costs, payroll taxes, accounting, advertising, office expenses, medical insurance, materials, etc. Customers will sometimes look at the work and think we should charge what a handyman or unlicensed or uninsured service would charge, but we simply can’t.

    In these instances, the question may come up if the prices we charge are fair or not. Our prices are determined with two formulas that are put together:

    1. We determine all our company costs for each service, including time involved, and divide these costs with every service with am average 10-30% markup (depeding on the specific service) on costs for our profit.

    2. We call all over to our similar sized and structured competitors and see what they charge, and we charge anywhere from 10-30% less than what they charge (depending on the specific service).

    We check gutter cleaning prices every two week, pressure washing and repair prices every month, and gutter and cover install prices every month. We call, just like any customer would, and ask general questions to determine the companies going rates. We do not call uninsured companies or companies that operate illegally. We record every one of these calls and, upon a cusotmer’s request, we are glad to pay a sampling privately, however ethically we wil not post the calls online.

    The first calculation method gives us a reasonable price to charge, and the second method helps us adjust based on the market. On our invoices, we have printed prices based on what the overal averages of repairs are in our industry, based on years of doing this research. We will sometimes discount these printed prices based on the quantity of work being done, current prices of our competitiors, and what our current costs are (ie higher gas prices means repairs cost more). The printed prices protect the customer because it creates a line for which our crews cannnot charge more than, or what would be considered price gouging. This keeps our crews honest, and honors our company’s second core value, Integrity.

    In the end though, our prices are what our prices are. We can’t make anyone hire us for a service, we can just offer our service at a price we determine to be fair. If we are providing a fair price for a good service, people will hire us. If we overcharge, then we’ll go out of business. Competitive pricing is like an election, and customer’s vote with their money. If a customer questions if our prices are fair, all we can do is provide our campaign, and hope they vote for us.