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Gutter Repair In Atlanta, GA

The following descriptions refer to the most common gutter repair issues your home can and will face. Though most issues can be reduced by a proper gutter cleaning schedule, the hot Atlanta summer weather aids in issues like securing the gutter cannot be avoided.

Gutter Resecure

Density changes in gutter nails (spikes) from the seasonal temperature changes and the constant weight of the gutter and debris causes the nails to eventually pull out, causing the gutter to tilt and open space between itself and the fascia board, as well pull the downspout away from the house.

When a gutter is like this, it is the same as not having a gutter at all. Water goes down the fascia board and spreads along the soffit. The water damages the boards. Then water can either fall along the foundation or spread into the ceiling of the house.

We repair this problem. We drill new holes in the gutters and fascia boards, leaving the loose nails in for purely cosmetic reasons. We use long, coarsely-threaded gutter screws to resecure the gutter against the fascia board. The screws thread and mix into the wood so as to prevent the same problem of the nails sliding back out. As we guarantee all our repairs for three years, this type of repair is truly permanent and should have not other issues except for in extreme weather conditions or if hit by a branch, tree, or other act of god.

Gutter Seams Repair

Seams eventually wear away. Just like a belt on a car engine and a light bulb, there just comes a point when they don’t work anymore. Resealing a gutter seam is the most common needed repair to a gutter or downspout, but it is also the cheapest. We guaranteed our seam repairs for three years. It is important to know that when we seal a seam, it must be left untouched for at least five hours. Do not test the seam with water for at least two days. Doing so before this will void the warranty.

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