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We patch and replace shingles. We typically charge 20-30% less than any major fully-insured roofing repair company. Shingles can become cracked from excessive weathering or loose and break off the roof from strong winds and storms.

Whenever any shingle is replaced on the roof, depending on the age of the roof, the shingles may not be a perfect match. This doesn’t mean that it isn’t the same color shingle. Over time, a roof looses its outer layer of sediment due to the eroding affects of rain and wind. A charcoal roof that is brand new looks remarkably different from one that is ten years old. Numerous roofing websites attest to the same issue. Just because a shingle on your roof looks a little lighter or darker, doesn’t mean it isn’t the same shingle as its neighbors.


Ridge caps and hip caps are the shingles that cover where two rooflines meet at a ridge (ridge cap) or valley (hip cap). Though there are different names for them, there is nothing different between a cap and a shingle. In fact, caps are made by tearing the tabs off shingles and bending them in the middle. Because of the crease where the cap is bent, the caps deteriorate and crack much more quickly than the flat shingles do. It is particularly worse for the ridge caps and hip caps at the edge of the roof. The ridge caps, at the edge, suffer from a tremendous amount of weathering that tears at the crease. The hip caps, at the edge, become inundated with too much water flow, causing fast deterioration. It is not unusual to have to replace a majority of the ridge and hip caps at least once during the life of the roof.


Slate and cedar shake roofing is rare in Atlanta. These types of roofs are costly to maintain, especially since they are fragile and are more susceptible to damage during storms. Atlanta’s Best Gutter Cleaners is the only gutter cleaning company in Atlanta that hires qualified roofing technicians who can work on and do cleaning on these types of roofs. Not only can we do the cleanings, but we can also repair and replace shingles on these types of roofs using specialized equipment.


We install flashings and drip edges where necessary. Flashing is usually needed around the edge of a roof to keep water out of areas where boards meet at corners and where the roof and chimney come together. Drip edge is flashing the works like a slide from the edge of the roof and down into the gutter. It protects the fascia board and soffit from water damage. Flashing can become worn and needs to be replaced over time.


Pipe boots are the rubber hoods that surround the base of the pipes which extend out the exterior of ones roof. The purpose of the boot is to prevent water from seeping into the attic creating water damage at the areas where the pipes extend. It is common for these boots to rip and rot from the constant exposure to the heat and weather elements the roof experiences. This roofing repair is very common and, if left untreated, can lead to more expensive repairs.


The very top edge of the roof is exposed to the elements so the attic can release heat with greater ease. The roof vent serves as a cover over this area to let the heat escape yet keep water from getting into the roof. Because a ridge vent is a long miniature aluminum tent, it can suffer from really strong winds that can pull it up. Overhead limbs can fall and smash the vent. Really old vents can start to rust and get holes.


The chimney pan is the metal covering that keeps water from getting into your chimney and home. They are, in most cases, custom built to the size of the chimney and made of galvanized metal. Due to the galvanized material, they eventually rust through over time. When this happens, the caps must be replaced. Unfortunately, since every chimney is a custom size, the caps have to be made to order. When we do chimney cap roofing repair, we have our own people experts custom-make the chimney caps with aluminum, making the new caps rust proof.

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