Tree Pruning

Overgrown limbs that hang in short distance of the house and roofline can not only overtax your gutter system, but eventually cause real damage to your roof and home by puncturing and disheveling shingles. To prevent expensive roof repairs and reduce gutter cleaning services, we can prune and trim tree branches and limbs.

Our tree pruning service involves sawing down limbs which branch into the perimeter around the house, which causes the excessive debris that leads to gutter cleanings. Gutter debris sitting in the gutters can to possible wood damage and costly roof repairs.

These limbs are collected and cut down into smaller portions, usually in four foot sections or smaller. The refuse is piled together in neat mound either at curbside, sidewalk, or wherever is the most logical and convenient area for your refuse pickup to collect the limbs. If it is desired to leave the limbs at a different location, it is the responsibility of the customer to make us aware of this.

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