Windy Winter Surge has may have ruined your gutter cleaning.

As a service we just do as the customer commands.  If a homeowner asks us to clean the gutters, we clean the gutters.  We’ll send a date, sometime as far as 1-2 weeks in advance.  We never know what the weather is going to do.  We have had days where it was predicted to rain all day and it ends up only raining an hour.

I say all that in reference to the weather in the last 48 hours (November 11th-12th).  We got feezing temperatures that went down in the 20s and wind gusts was fast as 35 MPH.  These things combined, between Monday night and Wednesday morning, a LOT of leaves came down.  I spent part of my day Tuesday the 12th watching leaves come down like it was rain.  My landscaper came Monday and the yard is covered in leaves as of Wednesday.  My neighbors tree was almost full on Monday and is now bare.

We’ve had a few calls from customers serviced in the last week or two who are now looking up and thinking gutters were missed, seeing gutters overflowing when in reality, it is just fresh debris.  Of course they are not happy that they just paid for a service and now the gutters are filling up again.  Unfortunately there isn’t anything we can do about.  The best we can do is offer a touch up cleaning at half the regular price . This is doing the entire service, every step, all over again at a price which is below cost and though we get paid by you for it, we are still doing it at a financial loss.  This is the best and only thing we can offer.  We are truly sorry that the freezing temperature came at the time it did in comparison do your gutter cleaning, but this does not mean the gutters weren’t cleaned properly and in full the day we did the service.  The first customer who called about this on Wednesday actually understood and gave the perfect analogy, that it’s like when you get your car washed and it rains a couple of hours later.  Doesn’t mean the car wash didn’t do a good job or what they were supposed to.   So for those customers serviced recently and are looking at their gutters now after the weather Monday-Tuesday and seeing lots of leaves, please contact us about the half off cleaning offer that we will honor up to 60 days from your service.

Thank you

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