Reasons for gutter cleaning in Marietta #1: Protecting your Shingles

There are a lot of reasons to do gutter cleaning.  One of those reasons is protecting your shingles.  If you have the kind of roof where debris falls on the roof and says on the roof, then need to get regular gutter cleaning service.  Cleaning your gutters and removing this debris will help the longevity of your shingles.  When this debris gets rained on and absorbs moisture, it holds that moisture in on the roof.  These damp areas lead to extra deterioration of the shingles and the wood underneath.  This is a very common problem in Marietta, GA given how many homes are surrounded by trees and wooded areas.  Regular gutter cleaning every six months will insure the longevity of your gutters.  Do not neglect to schedule a Marietta gutter cleaning.

marietta gutter cleaning

damage from not cleaning gutters and roof off

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