Yes, they fill up that fast Spring 2019 Version

I like to always educate people that once the gutter cleaning is done, the systems are again at the mercy of the elements and no telling how fast things can fill up again. A roof catches leaves, pine needles, and pollen debris and sends them down to the gutter. Normally, you can see these fill up fast in the fall months or in between March and April. Today we got evidence of it even happening in may.

The first two pictures are before and after pics of us doing a gutter cleaning on May 1st at a town home.

Before Gutter Cleaning

Before we did gutter cleaning

Here is the gutter after we have blow all the leaves and debris clear, taking the gutter from full to empty.

After gutter Cleaning

Two weeks later, we got a contact from this homeowner’s realtor, who said the inspector said the gutters needed cleaning. We were all shocked because the inspector had pics of gutters half full of new dead leaves. If you compared the inspectors pics to ours, you would think months had went by, but it was just two weeks.

Two Weeks Later

This just shows that you never know how fast the gutters can fill up after a gutter cleaning.


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  1. Tester says:

    these guys ( messed up my gutters so badly they had to be replaced

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