Actually, we did clean them and yes, they did fill up that fast.

It is 11/22/16 and I just got off the phone with a customer who is not happy, but not at us.  It is the second customer I’ve dealt with in the last 48 hours about the same matter.  Two customers have contacted us since 11/20/16 to say their gutters were recently cleaned and, to their surprise, they don’t look clean.  Actually, in the case of both these customers, the service was performed on 11/18.

The first one to contact us called in less than 48 hours after the service was done, suggesting the gutters were full and there is no way they were cleaned.  She actually sent two photos via text.  Here they are in the first two pictures:

As you can see, they definitely look full.  However, when I checked to see if the crew that cleaned the gutters took pictures at the home, they did, and in pictures 3 and 4, you can see the same area with the green wavy roof thing, but the gutters are practically empty.  In pictures 5 and 6 you can see what the gutters looked like before and after cleaning.

So what happened after 11/18.  One word: Wind.  On Saturday, 11/19/16, there was severe wind.  When I woke up that morning and went down for breakfast, the outside was raining leaves.  If you were indoors or out of town till about noon, you missed the vast majority of it, but of 10 years of paying attention to leaf fall professionally, it was one of the largest leaf fall instances I had ever seen.  Our yard, which has a weekly service, was now covered with leaves to the point it looked like it hadn’t been tended to in a month.  There was a weather warning about possible trees and branches falling down:

In north Georgia where the fires are, firefighters were concerned about what all the falling leaves were going to do to their efforts to stop the blaze:

Take a look at the wind report:

If you are reading this, most likely you called sometime after 11/19/16, when these extreme wind happened, and you think that when we did your service before 11/19/16, that we didn’t clean all the gutters out.  As you can see from the sample pictures from this one customer’s home, as you can see from the news reports, we unfortunately just cleaned the gutters before the biggest wind and leaf fall happened.  We never know what the weather will do, never know when something like this will happen.  As soon as we do any gutter cleaning, the process starts all over again and unfortunately if you had the gutters cleaned before 11/19/16, that process happened on super speed and did in a day what should have taken a month to do.  Before you assume that our crews did a sub par job, that we overlooked something, which would literally be impossible, please consider the possibility we put forth in this blog.  What is more likely to happen:  we don’t clean your gutters and try to charge you when we have no idea if you are going to look at the gutters or not and possibly ruin our reputation and livelihood, or you just happened to get service before a freak wind event and your gutters filled up on 11/19, just like the customer’s home in the pictures above?

I writing this just in case we get any more customers who call with concerns, as they can read this without me having to explain it or rewrite it over and over again. I will say as a credit to our customers, we do hundreds of homes a week, and only two customers have called with this concern, so most of our customers are very aware of the wind on Saturday and know it isn’t our fault more leaves are in the gutter.  To the credit of the two that did call, once seeing the inarguable evidence from above, there was no debate and only apology for questioning our ethics.  Ethics is very important to us, one of the most important things about running our business.  We never do anything that isn’t in the homeowner best interest, never overcharge, never recommend something unless it is genuinely needed.  Ethics swings both ways though, and the flip side of the coin is that given what obviously occurred on 11/19, it is unfounded to question our quality of service when the reason for the returned leaves is plain and simple.

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