Flood Warning = Overflowing . . . no matter what

There is a flood watch right now in most of the counties we service, Fulton, Gwinnett, Dekalb, Cobb, Forsyth, etc.  It’s started at 8:20 PM and will last for several ours as one of the largest rains of the year, possibly the second largest of the entire year, sweeps over.  Inevitably, that follows in the wake of a rain like this are calls from customers concerned they have clogged gutters because of water overflowing, or that their covers aren’t working.  Anytime there is a rain like this, we get 10-15 people calling either looking to get a service that they honestly don’t need, or concerned a service they just received wasn’t done properly.  The fact is, during a flood watch, the state is concerned that an average road, 25-30 feet wide, with any given level section before change or turn at 250-1000 feet long, won’t be able to handle managing the diverting and drainage of the rain coming down.  When this occurs, there must be a certain logic that if an entire street can possibly be flooded by the rain, a 6 inch wide 20ft long gutter will not handle the rain like you desire.  If a road can possibly flood, than any cover, including ours, will overflow.  Everything has an event horizon, a point to where it fails.  For example, if a roof isn’t built to fall in, but if you put enough weighted pressure, it will.  Your skin can withstand the pressure of a water hose, but if you increase it to 1500 PSI, it can cut you.  Gutters, and covered gutters, can handle most normal rains, but in a rain that is exceptionally hard and heavy, or consistently long and persistent, it is unavoidable to see the gutters overflow.  If you noticed overflowing on this night, it does not mean you need cleaning, nor does it indicate that we, or any other company, didn’t do your cleaning, or that your covers have issue.

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