BBB Corrects score, give Atlanta’s BEST “A-”

A long time ago, we were members of the BBB.  We had problems with a competitor constantly making up complaints about our advertising, advertising that was internet related that the BBB didn’t have any clear rules about.  The BBB shot them down several times, but finally, the BBB sided with the other company, and asked us to remove ads that helped people find us in areas we didn’t have a physical office in, despite the fact that we went to those areas.  When this happened, we went from an “A-” to a “D-”.  We were also kicked out of the BBB for not deleting all the ads in time (we deleted all but 2 that we couldn’t get Google to remove).  We had to go remove the BBB logo from every place we had it.  Inevitably, we missed a couple of areas, and the competitor once again made a complaint, which after being notified from the BBB we corrected the issues in 2 hours.  Still, we were downgraded again from a D- to an F.  This had nothing to do with Fraud, with bad service, with bad selling practices, or bad business; it was all a dispute about advertising.  Despite being the highest rated gutter cleaning company on Servicemagic, Angie’s List, Home Reports, and other areas, we had that F review for years.  It didn’t affect our business because, luckily, our reputation for honesty and integrity was greater than an advertising dispute, and we still grew to the largest gutter cleaning company in the Southeast.  The BBB finally reviewed everything, and gave us back our “A-”.  There is still an alert on their site because of competitors last complaint, where we still had BBB logos on a few ads we forgot we posted online, but this too will eventually be removed.  We have performed over 100,000 service in the Metro Atlanta area and have a database of over 30,000 customers and almost 2,000 positive reviews on the internet.  Despite all that value, we have only ever had 6 total complaints with the BBB, of which most of them, honestly, were complaints from customers who were, for lack of a better word, “unstable” or unethical in their own right.  6 complaints out of 100,000 services, and only 2 complaints in the last 3 years.  We are proud to be Atlanta’s choice for gutter cleaning, and thank all of our customers for stick with us.

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