Kudzu deal for pressure washing for $299 has some omissions

The people at Kudzu just posted a deal for $299 for house pressure washing, roof pressure washing, and 50 feet of driveway pressure washing.  They accidentally left out some details, which we are waiting for them to correct today (4-20-12) once they get into their office.  These things are:

1.  Deal is only for 3000 sq ft house.  Houses larger than this can buy the deal and pay extra for the difference (between 3000-5000 sq ft is $150 extra).

We hoping this will be updated any minute now.  Needless to say, those these terms were not listed with the deal, they are the terms of the deal.  If someone purchases the deal and their home is larger than 3000 sq ft and they do not want to pay additional for the service, they can obtain a full refund from Kudzu.com.

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