Policy in regards to roof leaks

If a customer is having leaking in the roof, we examine the roof as thoroughly as we can and, if we see anything that is not in proper condition, we recommend the repair of that area of roof. Leaks that come into your attic are tricky and can be the result of many different things, such as plumbing, HVAC units, gutters overflowing, holes in the roof, chimney, etc. We do our best to ascertain the specific cause of the leak by finding what on the roof is damaged, cracked, loose, or missing in the area of concern and then offer to perform the repair. When we do this repair, we guaranteed that the work we did will not lead to a leak and that the repair is done properly with quality materials.  We assure that the problem we fixed was or will lead to water getting into the house, but we are not promising that it is the source of the problem you are experiencing.  Now, after we do this repair, the leak may persist because the water is coming from somewhere else, either a pipe or appliance in the roof, or the water enters in a separate location and travels or pools to the area of concern. If this is the case, it doesn’t mean that the repair we did was unnecessary or faulty. We only repair or replace things on the roof that are damaged or missing. It just means that the damage we repaired wasn’t causing the leak you noticed. We are glad to return a check out our work if there is ever a concern, but we do not discount or refund any roof repairs because an area we never did work at is causing a leak.

Fixing leaks is a diagnostic activity where you fix the most notably damaged area and hope that the leak was coming from this particular spot. If it turns out the leak was coming from somewhere else, that doesn’t negate or change the fact that the repair we did was still needed and necessary to the roof. If you go to a mechanic because there is a noise coming from under the car, and they see you have a flat, they’ll recommend fixing the flat. If you drive away, and the noise is still there, it doesn’t mean that fixing the flat wasn’t necessary, and they will not refund money for replacing a tire that you approved that was in bad condition.

Our crews are made up of roofers and their experience is vast, but the work that our company does is limited to the most exterior or roof repairs.  If the work that we did didn’t fix the problem, it is probably necessary to call a roofing company that can rip up the roof.  We can provide a recommendation if this is necessary.

A good analogy of this situation is going to the doctor with a problem, you have a slight fever, and your kidney’s ache.  He prescribes something.  The fever goes away, but the kidney’s still ache.  The doctor doesn’t refund you the money for his work, and though the fever was only slight and not the main problem, it was necessary to fix.  The thing to do now is go to a specialist who specifically works with kidneys.  Now, if the medicine the doctor gave you had a bad reaction, then that would be a different matter.

Bottom line, our guarantee is that our repairs are good and won’t lead to roof leaks, not that you won’t ever have roof leaks again, or that your old problems have stopped.

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