Policy on Cancellations and Trip Charges

A customer can, of course, cancel at any time. However, if the customer waits and cancels us at the door, after we have already invested money and time to do the job, there is a $85 trip charge that we must charge. If your job requries materials, and we have already purchased those materials, and the materials are custom and we cannot reuse them for another service, ie pressed-out gutters or chimney pans, then the customer is still responsible for the material cost. The minute you decide you do not want to use our service, you must contact us immediately.

It is not our fault if you hire two companies and another company comes out before us and you forget or neglect to cancel our service.  You should only hire one company at a time and, if you hire a second one, you should contact the first one to cancel instead of assuming they just won’t show up.  If you never cancel the other service, they do the service, and then we come out and the gutters are already cleaned, we still have to pay the crews for their time driving out to the home, getting on the roof to discover the gutters are cleaned, pay for the gas of the van, pay for the van itself, and we have the loss of income we would have received had we went to a job that needed gutter service; so the $85 fee will stand.

If we come to your home to do a service, and for some reason you decide not to go through with the service because you are concerned as to what the cleaning will do to the gutters, the trip charge of $85 must be paid.  This could be due to the gutters being in poor condition and the fear that the cleaning will actually damage the gutters, or the roof is in poor condition and it is unsafe for us to walk on.  Mostly likely, given a situation like this, we will be the party providing this information to the homeowner, but we don’t make the call in not doing the service.  All we do is provide information, and let the homeowner make the decision to go through with the service as is at regular price, or decide not to do it and pay the minimum trip charge of $85.  If the roof and gutters are in poor condition, it is irresponsible to call us out for service anyway given the conditions of what we are cleaning, but we still must charge a trip charge.

The bottom line to this entire policy is that we do not show up at homes out of charity.  Every one we go to, we are making an investment because a verbal contract is made that we will provide X service for Y money.  If the promise of Y money was not there, then we would never even attempt to do X service.  The only reason we show up for service is because the customer called or emailed wanting service and approved the service at the price we offered.  If we spend money to do the service, and they cancel, the most reimburse us for the cost we’ve spent.  The cost for our crews to show up at a home is $85.

The only time we have ever sued a customer is over a trip charge for canceling us at the door because he had another company do the service.  We went to court and we won because we were in the right.  If we showed up at your home after emailing you a date, calling you the day before, and you didn’t decide to cancel us or postpone us till we showed up ready to do the work, you need to pay the trip charge.  It wasn’t our choice to spend the money we did to arrive there, it was your choice.

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