The day of raising prices is finally here

We have been in business since 2006. Since then for about 12 yeas we never raised prices, despite yearly increases in insurance, labor, materials, gas, really everything. For the last three years we did a marginally small increase for newer customers and have been testing minor increases. Still, we operate so low that for a year now we have been loosing money being in operation. We re at a point where we have to raise prices. All of our competitors increased to the point some of them actually use our extremely low prices to say that we do not provide quality. A home we used to clean for $130, the vast majority of our competiton charges $180-$200. A home we charge $160 for, there are competitors that charge $230-$315. And thy aren’t wrong in their pricing. We have been behind in raising prices which has made it more difficult on staff and more difficult to keep up quality service. Starting on November 15th we are raising our prices. The increase will be significant in comparison, but this is only because for the longest time we have been way underpriced. We will still however be the cheapest. We’ll be anywhere from $20-$100 less then all the other fully insured companies. We can provide a comprehensive list to call and cost compare as well. I hope our customers will understand and remain loyal.

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