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Booked Full for 2011! Here’s to riding out the year!

Tuesday, November 15th, 2011

WE DID IT!  Booked for the entire rest of the year.  We’ve been booked up for December and January for a long time now, but we finally closed up November.  Now we just ride out the rest of the year and try to get to as many people as possible.  We may try working weekends or expanding to a new crew, but we have to see how many people are going to need us.  We have a ton of couponers who bought discount services earlier in the year and simply never used them, and we’ve been able to notify all of them that this was coming but the Groupon people.  We’ve instituted a Standby program for coupon people.  Basically, we’re making a list and, when someone cancels, we put a coupon person in for service.  Also, if a crew finishes earlier, we’ll go and clean standby homes that are in the area.  We should be fine.