What are these caterpillar-looking things that fall so much in the spring?

April 14th, 2020

When the spring comes, in late March and Early April, the homes of Georgia are inundated with a special type of debris.  A lot of people call them caterpillars, cause of the worm-like appearance of them.  What they are actually called is Oak Catkins.  These catkins fall on the early side of the spring, and they fall in large amounts usually over about 3 weeks.  I was prompted to write this article on it because just today the thing happens which happens every year, we loose a customer over mother nature.

As a service, we do as the customer requests.  Someone books a cleaning, we don’t question the when.  We have people who use us all year long every day.  Inevitably, there are time where we will do a cleaning, and immediately after, there is more debris.  This happens a lot of in the fall, where we have cleaned off roofs just to have them covered again with pine needles in just a couple of weeks.  It happens in the winter where we’ll clear out a gutter and a storm will come through and fill the gutter up in full again.  It also happens now in the spring, with the oak catkins.

The customer who called today, we had just cleaned their gutters on 4/6/20.  For the past week, a large amount of the oak catkins have come down throughout the city.  My own pool, which was also cleaned on 4/6/20, started turning green cause the filter was blocked.  On Sunday, my wife pulled the filters out and dumped out a bucked full of the oak catkins that had fallen in the pool and collected throughout the week.

Oak Catkins

oak catkins

oak catkins

Oak Catkins

Just like my home and many homes in the city, same thing happen to the customers, the home got oak catkins that filled up in the gutters and on the roof and just around the home.  When it rained on Sunday night, all those oak catkins were pushed to by the water to the downspouts and through the downspout to the lowest horizontal point.

Fresh Oak Catkins

Fresh Oak Catkins

A key thing to remember in the spring and in the fall when looking at debris is acknowledging when this debris is coming down.  It is a natural thing to have a service done and expect everything will be clear for a while, and that a large accumulation of debris would appear that something was missed; but if you are getting the gutters cleaned in the spring before and during the Catkin fall, or even in the early fall when pine needles are coming down, or in November before the freeze, the time between your cleaning and gutters getting more debris will be limited.  This does not mean your gutters weren’t cleaned correctly, just that you can’t help when mother nature choose to fill them up again.

Here are photos from the customer’s cleaning on 4/6/20.

Ashleigh Walk Pkwy 1

Some informative links on oak catkins:




Windy Winter Surge has may have ruined your gutter cleaning.

November 14th, 2019

As a service we just do as the customer commands.  If a homeowner asks us to clean the gutters, we clean the gutters.  We’ll send a date, sometime as far as 1-2 weeks in advance.  We never know what the weather is going to do.  We have had days where it was predicted to rain all day and it ends up only raining an hour.

I say all that in reference to the weather in the last 48 hours (November 11th-12th).  We got feezing temperatures that went down in the 20s and wind gusts was fast as 35 MPH.  These things combined, between Monday night and Wednesday morning, a LOT of leaves came down.  I spent part of my day Tuesday the 12th watching leaves come down like it was rain.  My landscaper came Monday and the yard is covered in leaves as of Wednesday.  My neighbors tree was almost full on Monday and is now bare.

We’ve had a few calls from customers serviced in the last week or two who are now looking up and thinking gutters were missed, seeing gutters overflowing when in reality, it is just fresh debris.  Of course they are not happy that they just paid for a service and now the gutters are filling up again.  Unfortunately there isn’t anything we can do about.  The best we can do is offer a touch up cleaning at half the regular price . This is doing the entire service, every step, all over again at a price which is below cost and though we get paid by you for it, we are still doing it at a financial loss.  This is the best and only thing we can offer.  We are truly sorry that the freezing temperature came at the time it did in comparison do your gutter cleaning, but this does not mean the gutters weren’t cleaned properly and in full the day we did the service.  The first customer who called about this on Wednesday actually understood and gave the perfect analogy, that it’s like when you get your car washed and it rains a couple of hours later.  Doesn’t mean the car wash didn’t do a good job or what they were supposed to.   So for those customers serviced recently and are looking at their gutters now after the weather Monday-Tuesday and seeing lots of leaves, please contact us about the half off cleaning offer that we will honor up to 60 days from your service.

Thank you

Reasons for gutter cleaning in Marietta #1: Protecting your Shingles

September 5th, 2019

There are a lot of reasons to do gutter cleaning.  One of those reasons is protecting your shingles.  If you have the kind of roof where debris falls on the roof and says on the roof, then need to get regular gutter cleaning service.  Cleaning your gutters and removing this debris will help the longevity of your shingles.  When this debris gets rained on and absorbs moisture, it holds that moisture in on the roof.  These damp areas lead to extra deterioration of the shingles and the wood underneath.  This is a very common problem in Marietta, GA given how many homes are surrounded by trees and wooded areas.  Regular gutter cleaning every six months will insure the longevity of your gutters.  Do not neglect to schedule a Marietta gutter cleaning.

marietta gutter cleaning

damage from not cleaning gutters and roof off

Yes, they fill up that fast Spring 2019 Version

May 21st, 2019

I like to always educate people that once the gutter cleaning is done, the systems are again at the mercy of the elements and no telling how fast things can fill up again. A roof catches leaves, pine needles, and pollen debris and sends them down to the gutter. Normally, you can see these fill up fast in the fall months or in between March and April. Today we got evidence of it even happening in may.

The first two pictures are before and after pics of us doing a gutter cleaning on May 1st at a town home.

Before Gutter Cleaning

Before we did gutter cleaning

Here is the gutter after we have blow all the leaves and debris clear, taking the gutter from full to empty.

After gutter Cleaning

Two weeks later, we got a contact from this homeowner’s realtor, who said the inspector said the gutters needed cleaning. We were all shocked because the inspector had pics of gutters half full of new dead leaves. If you compared the inspectors pics to ours, you would think months had went by, but it was just two weeks.

Two Weeks Later

This just shows that you never know how fast the gutters can fill up after a gutter cleaning.

Yes, they did fill up that fast (2017 version)

November 25th, 2017

It’s that time of year again.  The leaves fall, customer’s call us out, and the gutter are cleaned . . . and then more leaves fall.  Unfortunately we never know when the leaves will fall from day to day, or how many will come down at a time.  I have already had customers who we did on a Monday call on that Thursday thinking the gutters were missed.  In most cases at most homes, we take some before and after pictures, particularly around this time of year, just to make sure we have evidence in case a claim is made.  I just had one of those today, and wanted to use this as an example.

We cleaned the home on 11/17.  Here are the photos form the cleaning:

gutter cleaning

Before picture

In the process of cleaning

in the process or cleaning

clear gutter

clear gutter

clear downspout

cleared downspout

cleared gutter

cleared gutter

after cleaning

after cleaning

So 10 days later we, on 11/25/17, they sent us these pictures:

customer picture 1

customers pictures 1

customer picture 2

Customer picture 2

Customer picture 3

Customer picture 3

As you can see in comparison the pictures are of the same house and the gutters are already on their way to being full again.  Unfortunately this time of year, it doesn’t take long.  So if you just had your gutters cleaned 3 days to 3-4 weeks ago, and you look up and see debris, and it’s between August-December or March-April, it is most likely fresh debris because yes, it can fill up again that fast.

Actually, we did clean them and yes, they did fill up that fast.

November 22nd, 2016

It is 11/22/16 and I just got off the phone with a customer who is not happy, but not at us.  It is the second customer I’ve dealt with in the last 48 hours about the same matter.  Two customers have contacted us since 11/20/16 to say their gutters were recently cleaned and, to their surprise, they don’t look clean.  Actually, in the case of both these customers, the service was performed on 11/18.

The first one to contact us called in less than 48 hours after the service was done, suggesting the gutters were full and there is no way they were cleaned.  She actually sent two photos via text.  Here they are in the first two pictures:

As you can see, they definitely look full.  However, when I checked to see if the crew that cleaned the gutters took pictures at the home, they did, and in pictures 3 and 4, you can see the same area with the green wavy roof thing, but the gutters are practically empty.  In pictures 5 and 6 you can see what the gutters looked like before and after cleaning.

So what happened after 11/18.  One word: Wind.  On Saturday, 11/19/16, there was severe wind.  When I woke up that morning and went down for breakfast, the outside was raining leaves.  If you were indoors or out of town till about noon, you missed the vast majority of it, but of 10 years of paying attention to leaf fall professionally, it was one of the largest leaf fall instances I had ever seen.  Our yard, which has a weekly service, was now covered with leaves to the point it looked like it hadn’t been tended to in a month.  There was a weather warning about possible trees and branches falling down:  http://www.11alive.com/weather/wind-advisory_29563783/354166452

In north Georgia where the fires are, firefighters were concerned about what all the falling leaves were going to do to their efforts to stop the blaze:  http://www.walb.com/story/33753954/despite-wind-chestnut-knob-fire-contained

Take a look at the wind report:  https://www.windfinder.com/report/atlanta_fulton_county_airport/2016-11-19

If you are reading this, most likely you called sometime after 11/19/16, when these extreme wind happened, and you think that when we did your service before 11/19/16, that we didn’t clean all the gutters out.  As you can see from the sample pictures from this one customer’s home, as you can see from the news reports, we unfortunately just cleaned the gutters before the biggest wind and leaf fall happened.  We never know what the weather will do, never know when something like this will happen.  As soon as we do any gutter cleaning, the process starts all over again and unfortunately if you had the gutters cleaned before 11/19/16, that process happened on super speed and did in a day what should have taken a month to do.  Before you assume that our crews did a sub par job, that we overlooked something, which would literally be impossible, please consider the possibility we put forth in this blog.  What is more likely to happen:  we don’t clean your gutters and try to charge you when we have no idea if you are going to look at the gutters or not and possibly ruin our reputation and livelihood, or you just happened to get service before a freak wind event and your gutters filled up on 11/19, just like the customer’s home in the pictures above?

I writing this just in case we get any more customers who call with concerns, as they can read this without me having to explain it or rewrite it over and over again. I will say as a credit to our customers, we do hundreds of homes a week, and only two customers have called with this concern, so most of our customers are very aware of the wind on Saturday and know it isn’t our fault more leaves are in the gutter.  To the credit of the two that did call, once seeing the inarguable evidence from above, there was no debate and only apology for questioning our ethics.  Ethics is very important to us, one of the most important things about running our business.  We never do anything that isn’t in the homeowner best interest, never overcharge, never recommend something unless it is genuinely needed.  Ethics swings both ways though, and the flip side of the coin is that given what obviously occurred on 11/19, it is unfounded to question our quality of service when the reason for the returned leaves is plain and simple.

Flood Warning = Overflowing . . . no matter what

December 23rd, 2014

There is a flood watch right now in most of the counties we service, Fulton, Gwinnett, Dekalb, Cobb, Forsyth, etc.  It’s started at 8:20 PM and will last for several ours as one of the largest rains of the year, possibly the second largest of the entire year, sweeps over.  Inevitably, that follows in the wake of a rain like this are calls from customers concerned they have clogged gutters because of water overflowing, or that their covers aren’t working.  Anytime there is a rain like this, we get 10-15 people calling either looking to get a service that they honestly don’t need, or concerned a service they just received wasn’t done properly.  The fact is, during a flood watch, the state is concerned that an average road, 25-30 feet wide, with any given level section before change or turn at 250-1000 feet long, won’t be able to handle managing the diverting and drainage of the rain coming down.  When this occurs, there must be a certain logic that if an entire street can possibly be flooded by the rain, a 6 inch wide 20ft long gutter will not handle the rain like you desire.  If a road can possibly flood, than any cover, including ours, will overflow.  Everything has an event horizon, a point to where it fails.  For example, if a roof isn’t built to fall in, but if you put enough weighted pressure, it will.  Your skin can withstand the pressure of a water hose, but if you increase it to 1500 PSI, it can cut you.  Gutters, and covered gutters, can handle most normal rains, but in a rain that is exceptionally hard and heavy, or consistently long and persistent, it is unavoidable to see the gutters overflow.  If you noticed overflowing on this night, it does not mean you need cleaning, nor does it indicate that we, or any other company, didn’t do your cleaning, or that your covers have issue.


October 14th, 2014

Since 9 AM on Monday, 10/13/14, our email has been down.  This means that any customer who has tried to send us an email through our site, or simply replied to an email that we sent in the past between the time above and today  has not gotten to us . . . yet.  Hopefully, this problem will be fixed by our server company very soon.  Till then, we ask that any customers who need to contact us do so by calling.  Thank you.

BBB Corrects score, give Atlanta’s BEST “A-”

October 13th, 2013

A long time ago, we were members of the BBB.  We had problems with a competitor constantly making up complaints about our advertising, advertising that was internet related that the BBB didn’t have any clear rules about.  The BBB shot them down several times, but finally, the BBB sided with the other company, and asked us to remove ads that helped people find us in areas we didn’t have a physical office in, despite the fact that we went to those areas.  When this happened, we went from an “A-” to a “D-”.  We were also kicked out of the BBB for not deleting all the ads in time (we deleted all but 2 that we couldn’t get Google to remove).  We had to go remove the BBB logo from every place we had it.  Inevitably, we missed a couple of areas, and the competitor once again made a complaint, which after being notified from the BBB we corrected the issues in 2 hours.  Still, we were downgraded again from a D- to an F.  This had nothing to do with Fraud, with bad service, with bad selling practices, or bad business; it was all a dispute about advertising.  Despite being the highest rated gutter cleaning company on Servicemagic, Angie’s List, Home Reports, and other areas, we had that F review for years.  It didn’t affect our business because, luckily, our reputation for honesty and integrity was greater than an advertising dispute, and we still grew to the largest gutter cleaning company in the Southeast.  The BBB finally reviewed everything, and gave us back our “A-”.  There is still an alert on their site because of competitors last complaint, where we still had BBB logos on a few ads we forgot we posted online, but this too will eventually be removed.  We have performed over 100,000 service in the Metro Atlanta area and have a database of over 30,000 customers and almost 2,000 positive reviews on the internet.  Despite all that value, we have only ever had 6 total complaints with the BBB, of which most of them, honestly, were complaints from customers who were, for lack of a better word, “unstable” or unethical in their own right.  6 complaints out of 100,000 services, and only 2 complaints in the last 3 years.  We are proud to be Atlanta’s choice for gutter cleaning, and thank all of our customers for stick with us.

Kudzu deal for pressure washing for $299 has some omissions

April 20th, 2012

The people at Kudzu just posted a deal for $299 for house pressure washing, roof pressure washing, and 50 feet of driveway pressure washing.  They accidentally left out some details, which we are waiting for them to correct today (4-20-12) once they get into their office.  These things are:

1.  Deal is only for 3000 sq ft house.  Houses larger than this can buy the deal and pay extra for the difference (between 3000-5000 sq ft is $150 extra).

We hoping this will be updated any minute now.  Needless to say, those these terms were not listed with the deal, they are the terms of the deal.  If someone purchases the deal and their home is larger than 3000 sq ft and they do not want to pay additional for the service, they can obtain a full refund from Kudzu.com.