The day of raising prices is finally here

October 18th, 2021

We have been in business since 2006. Since then for about 12 yeas we never raised prices, despite yearly increases in insurance, labor, materials, gas, really everything. For the last three years we did a marginally small increase for newer customers and have been testing minor increases. Still, we operate so low that for a year now we have been loosing money being in operation. We re at a point where we have to raise prices. All of our competitors increased to the point some of them actually use our extremely low prices to say that we do not provide quality. A home we used to clean for $130, the vast majority of our competiton charges $180-$200. A home we charge $160 for, there are competitors that charge $230-$315. And thy aren’t wrong in their pricing. We have been behind in raising prices which has made it more difficult on staff and more difficult to keep up quality service. Starting on November 15th we are raising our prices. The increase will be significant in comparison, but this is only because for the longest time we have been way underpriced. We will still however be the cheapest. We’ll be anywhere from $20-$100 less then all the other fully insured companies. We can provide a comprehensive list to call and cost compare as well. I hope our customers will understand and remain loyal.

Email down almost all day

September 24th, 2021

We are having a problem with our web hosting company where incoming external email in not getting through. We can email customers, but we can’t get their emails to us. For most of 9/24, any incoming emails haven’t arrived as well as info filled out on our website. We hope it will be fixed soon and we are unsure at this point if we’ll still get the emails. As of 11:07 PM on 9/24, it still is not fixed.

Fall is here

August 26th, 2021

I have seen some storms in the last few weeks and some windy days that brought downs some leaves, but today I noticed leaves falling without the wind being the active cause. This all fell in a day on 8/26/21. Normally we see this starting early in August, so the fall start is a little later than normal, but this is truly the beginning of the big leaf fall season. From here, it’s going to ramp up with heavy pine straw and light leaves at the start. Then a steady increase of leaves throughout October and November till we get to the overnight freezes, which will bring down the remainders in a few weeks, finishing as early as late November or as late as early January. Here is looking forward to a another season.

As a reminder, the further we go in, the less time it’ll take before downspouts clog again. At this point, you can go a month-to-six-weeks. But October it’ll just be a few weeks of relief. By November, gutters and downspouts can completely fill up again in just a few days.

Spring is here.

April 1st, 2021

Starting about a week later than last year, the pollen season has started. Oak Catkins and pine needles are beginning to descend, followed by various types of leaves which will probably continue till, if starting now, the later side of May. We should see the largest amounts of the oak catkins at this point by second week of April and sure enough by mid April, we’ll have people who we services months and even weeks ago see this debris and think that their gutters were some how missed because of “how much of it is there.” For all please note oak catkins do not come down in the winter, and they are just starting meaning people we are cleaning today and tomorrow are going to be inundated with these soon.

New Policy Changes moving forward

December 30th, 2020

Two significant changes we are making to our policies moving forward.

1. Discounted cover cleanings are only for homes we installed covers on. This is the way this was always supposed to work but at some point we started doing discount cover cleanings for homes where we didn’t install the covers. The price has often been below cost and we have been doing these services at a loss. We can’t afford to do these anymore. If your home has a cover system on it, blowing off the roof and the tops of the covers takes about the same amount of time as a full gutter cleaning. If we didn’t install the cover system, it is going to be what we would regularly charge for a home this size, with whatever applicable discounts are available.

2. No more half off cleanings within 60 days. This was something that we started for customers who got their gutters cleaned and then nature filled the gutters up quickly, and the customer was unhappy that the gutters were already full again through no fault of their own or ours. We started offering to come out and do touch up cleanings immediately after a cleaning for up to 60 days after the initial service at half the regular price. In doing this, we do service at a significant loss. It is really supposed to be a one-time thing. What we have had happen is some customers consistently having us out to do this, causing a considerable loss as each service cost more to do than what we are being paid for. Because of this we have to stop the whole offer altogether. The highest discount we can do is $30 off, which is the same discount annual agreement customers get for service in three months.

The night every gutter overflowed

October 10th, 2020

On the night of 10/10/20, Atlanta was met with a severe storm with strong winds and lots of heavy rain. There were tornado warnings in Dekalb and Gwinnett and Flash Flood warnings in Cobb, Dekalb, Gwinnett, Forsyth and Fulton till 4AM. Rain was expected to be 2 inches in 3 hours. By 10:20 PM, Atlanta Fire Rescure sent a warning for cars to be cautious on roads as over a dozen cars has become stuck in flooding.

A flash flood warning, or any flood warning, means that a 16 ft wide road in a low valley may not handle the amount of rain coming downs at once. It can’t drain the rain fast enough, so the water starts flooding, filling up the streets like a creek at the heaviest parts where the water gets to the lowest points. Obviously, without saying, a 6 inch wide gutter cannot handle the rain of this magnitude. If you just had a gutter installed that day, without a single leaf having fallen in it, that gutter would overflow in these conditions. Every gutter caught tonight in the heavy rain overflowed. If you saw overflowing of your gutters during this night’s rain, it doesn’t necessarily mean you need cleaning, or that you need repair. Your gutters are not designed to handle this, none are. If you haven’t had your gutters cleaning since the spring, you certainly will want to do so, and leaves are falling this time of year. But the reason for this post is to warn people of Atlanta that seeing overflow during a rain like this is natural and expected and unavoidable. If the only reason you seek service is because of gutter overflow you witnessed the night of 10/10/20, and you have had some kind of service in the last 4-5 months, you probably don’t need service right now or any kind of repair. What you witnessed was you our system overmatched by a rain that streets couldn’t handle, much less a 5-6 inch wide gutter. We are more than happy to come out and do cleanings, but ethically we don’t want to have to go out to a cleaning for a customer who doesn’t need actually need it. Thinking your gutters solely need service by watching tonights rain would be like thinking your car is broken down and needs repair because you cannot drive it because it is booted. The car is fine, it is just in a unusual situation where it isn’t working.

I hope customers find this helpful and if you do feel you need cleaning, please call on us. 770-677-6690.

For more on the weather:

What are these caterpillar-looking things that fall so much in the spring?

April 14th, 2020

When the spring comes, in late March and Early April, the homes of Georgia are inundated with a special type of debris.  A lot of people call them caterpillars, cause of the worm-like appearance of them.  What they are actually called is Oak Catkins.  These catkins fall on the early side of the spring, and they fall in large amounts usually over about 3 weeks.  I was prompted to write this article on it because just today the thing happens which happens every year, we loose a customer over mother nature.

As a service, we do as the customer requests.  Someone books a cleaning, we don’t question the when.  We have people who use us all year long every day.  Inevitably, there are time where we will do a cleaning, and immediately after, there is more debris.  This happens a lot of in the fall, where we have cleaned off roofs just to have them covered again with pine needles in just a couple of weeks.  It happens in the winter where we’ll clear out a gutter and a storm will come through and fill the gutter up in full again.  It also happens now in the spring, with the oak catkins.

The customer who called today, we had just cleaned their gutters on 4/6/20.  For the past week, a large amount of the oak catkins have come down throughout the city.  My own pool, which was also cleaned on 4/6/20, started turning green cause the filter was blocked.  On Sunday, my wife pulled the filters out and dumped out a bucked full of the oak catkins that had fallen in the pool and collected throughout the week.

Oak Catkins

oak catkins

oak catkins

Oak Catkins

Just like my home and many homes in the city, same thing happen to the customers, the home got oak catkins that filled up in the gutters and on the roof and just around the home.  When it rained on Sunday night, all those oak catkins were pushed to by the water to the downspouts and through the downspout to the lowest horizontal point.

Fresh Oak Catkins

Fresh Oak Catkins

A key thing to remember in the spring and in the fall when looking at debris is acknowledging when this debris is coming down.  It is a natural thing to have a service done and expect everything will be clear for a while, and that a large accumulation of debris would appear that something was missed; but if you are getting the gutters cleaned in the spring before and during the Catkin fall, or even in the early fall when pine needles are coming down, or in November before the freeze, the time between your cleaning and gutters getting more debris will be limited.  This does not mean your gutters weren’t cleaned correctly, just that you can’t help when mother nature choose to fill them up again.

Here are photos from the customer’s cleaning on 4/6/20.

Ashleigh Walk Pkwy 1

Some informative links on oak catkins:

Windy Winter Surge has may have ruined your gutter cleaning.

November 14th, 2019

As a service we just do as the customer commands.  If a homeowner asks us to clean the gutters, we clean the gutters.  We’ll send a date, sometime as far as 1-2 weeks in advance.  We never know what the weather is going to do.  We have had days where it was predicted to rain all day and it ends up only raining an hour.

I say all that in reference to the weather in the last 48 hours (November 11th-12th).  We got feezing temperatures that went down in the 20s and wind gusts was fast as 35 MPH.  These things combined, between Monday night and Wednesday morning, a LOT of leaves came down.  I spent part of my day Tuesday the 12th watching leaves come down like it was rain.  My landscaper came Monday and the yard is covered in leaves as of Wednesday.  My neighbors tree was almost full on Monday and is now bare.

We’ve had a few calls from customers serviced in the last week or two who are now looking up and thinking gutters were missed, seeing gutters overflowing when in reality, it is just fresh debris.  Of course they are not happy that they just paid for a service and now the gutters are filling up again.  Unfortunately there isn’t anything we can do about.  The best we can do is offer a touch up cleaning at half the regular price . This is doing the entire service, every step, all over again at a price which is below cost and though we get paid by you for it, we are still doing it at a financial loss.  This is the best and only thing we can offer.  We are truly sorry that the freezing temperature came at the time it did in comparison do your gutter cleaning, but this does not mean the gutters weren’t cleaned properly and in full the day we did the service.  The first customer who called about this on Wednesday actually understood and gave the perfect analogy, that it’s like when you get your car washed and it rains a couple of hours later.  Doesn’t mean the car wash didn’t do a good job or what they were supposed to.   So for those customers serviced recently and are looking at their gutters now after the weather Monday-Tuesday and seeing lots of leaves, please contact us about the half off cleaning offer that we will honor up to 60 days from your service.

Thank you

Reasons for gutter cleaning in Marietta #1: Protecting your Shingles

September 5th, 2019

There are a lot of reasons to do gutter cleaning.  One of those reasons is protecting your shingles.  If you have the kind of roof where debris falls on the roof and says on the roof, then need to get regular gutter cleaning service.  Cleaning your gutters and removing this debris will help the longevity of your shingles.  When this debris gets rained on and absorbs moisture, it holds that moisture in on the roof.  These damp areas lead to extra deterioration of the shingles and the wood underneath.  This is a very common problem in Marietta, GA given how many homes are surrounded by trees and wooded areas.  Regular gutter cleaning every six months will insure the longevity of your gutters.  Do not neglect to schedule a Marietta gutter cleaning.

marietta gutter cleaning

damage from not cleaning gutters and roof off

Yes, they fill up that fast Spring 2019 Version

May 21st, 2019

I like to always educate people that once the gutter cleaning is done, the systems are again at the mercy of the elements and no telling how fast things can fill up again. A roof catches leaves, pine needles, and pollen debris and sends them down to the gutter. Normally, you can see these fill up fast in the fall months or in between March and April. Today we got evidence of it even happening in may.

The first two pictures are before and after pics of us doing a gutter cleaning on May 1st at a town home.

Before Gutter Cleaning

Before we did gutter cleaning

Here is the gutter after we have blow all the leaves and debris clear, taking the gutter from full to empty.

After gutter Cleaning

Two weeks later, we got a contact from this homeowner’s realtor, who said the inspector said the gutters needed cleaning. We were all shocked because the inspector had pics of gutters half full of new dead leaves. If you compared the inspectors pics to ours, you would think months had went by, but it was just two weeks.

Two Weeks Later

This just shows that you never know how fast the gutters can fill up after a gutter cleaning.